Parent Teacher Online

The page you are trying to access isn't valid, this could be for the following reasons:

  • Using the wrong website for your school
    • You may have the incorrect link to access your school's PTO page.
    • The school website to see if the PTO link is there, or contact the school for further assistance.
  • Using the browser's back button
    • This can cause a PTO session to log you out. Return to your school's login page and log in. You can avoid this in the future by using the navigation options available within PTO.
  • Your session has timed out
    • You may have had the session open overnight. Go back to your school's PTO login page and log in again.
  • Your test drive link has expired
    • Out test drive website updates on a regular basis. Please contact us for the most curent test drive link.

If you are a school administrator and your school does not currently use PTO, you can find more information and request a PTO test-drive here.

Previous test-drive users ... for security purposes the test-drive access address changes regularly.
Please contact us if you have been testing PTO and wish to continue.
If your requirement is urgent please phone us on 02 4304 3000.
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